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About Us

Who are we? Mysterious, (not that) serious and maybe a little delirious. We're just a bunch of cheap asses set out to find other cheap asses to share in the loot. Cheap Ass Plugs is/are exactly what you expect. These are great, quality products at a fraction of the "big brand" price. 


So why so cheap? We buy products in large (really large) quantities from our special international contacts. We ship them slowly and cheaply and we cut out as many middle men as we possibly can. In turn you are able to buy products at near wholesale prices. 


What to Expect? Simply put? No frills. We package everything in a safe and efficient way and then ship it as cheaply as possible for it to still reach you in a reasonable amount of time. All of the products here are medium to high quality, and are still scrutinized as if they we're being sold for top dollar.