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A Separate Page Dedicated to Affiliate Marketing

July 28, 2014 1 min read

A Separate Page Dedicated to Affiliate Marketing

One thing you may have noticed on your journey across the internet – most promoters or social media influencers do not use their personal pages for promoting or advertising. They create a separate blog or social media account to promote or advertise products. Why is that? Most people do not like to "push products" onto their personal friends or they don't want to tarnish their personal image with the stereotypes of a salesman/saleswoman.

This kind of separate-page serves two purposes:

  • It removes your personal life and provides a helpful focus point for your fans to make purchases (after all, they follow you because you rock).
  • Given that the people reading your blog/social media posts already share your same interests, why not put affiliate links in there and make a bit of money on the side?

If you feel like you are one of these affiliates who would like to start a new account solely for your affiliate marketing, please be sure to abide by the following rules:

  1. Do not use CAP's logo/products/artwork in your profile picture, our name "Cheap Ass Plugs" in your about section/account name/URL. Although you are affiliates of CAP, we cannot have non-employees speaking for CAP in a manner that we would not normally portray ourselves in.
  2. Have fun! 

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