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Amethyst Plugs Product Information

Amethyst is a type of quartz well known for its deep, vibrant purple color with white striations running through it. Amethyst is known as a meditative and calming stone, providing calm patience, peace and balance. It is also traditionally known to help with legal and financial issues. Due to the nature of the material, the color will vary from the picture. Available Sizes: 8g - 1" *Amethyst plugs are sold individually (not in pairs).

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Focus on Top Selling Products

Putting focus on top selling products may help increase your sales and commission Feel free to yank our product photos straight from our site in order to increase your affiliate sales and traffic. The following is a list of July's top 10 products: Areng Wood Carved Flower Tunnels Opal Stone Plugs Bling Threaded Steel Tunnels Green Line Agate Stone Plugs Opal Heart Stone Plugs Tiger's Eye Stone Plugs Amethyst Stone Plugs Black Silicone Ear Skin Tunnels Rose Cut Amethyst Stone Plugs Crocodile Wood Tunnels

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A Separate Page Dedicated to Affiliate Marketing

A Separate Page Dedicated to Affiliate MarketingOne thing you may have noticed on your journey across the internet – most promoters or social media influencers do not use their personal pages for promoting or advertising. They create a separate blog or social media account to promote or advertise products. Why is that? Most people do not like to "push products" onto their personal friends or they don't want to tarnish their personal image with the stereotypes of a salesman/saleswoman.This kind of separate-page serves two purposes:It removes your personal life and provides a helpful focus point for your fans to make...

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20% off all wood plugs and tunnels + tips and tricks

Welcome CAP Affiliates!We see some of you have already started posting links on your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Awesome! We want to start out by helping you all get your first sales. Therefore, we're running a pretty crazy sale starting RIGHT NOW. See promo image below.A great way to get your friends/fans to click on your link and make a purchase, is to always upload a photo first, then add supporting text and a link. You can always reference our social media posting style and copy it. In fact, you're more than welcome to just share our posts and change...

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